Over the course of 7 years, Valerie and Commune collaborated on 7 distinct products, combining inspiration and aesthetic sensibility from each company, and then blending them into something wholly new. The Commune+Valerie line is incredibly unique, and uniquely Angeleno.

Edible Gardens LA 

The Nature is Slow Bar and the My Life is Electric Bar are part of an ongoing collaboration between Valerie and Los Angeles gardening luminary Lauri Kranz, and her company Edible Gardens LA. We delighted to be among the diverse group of artist, designers, and culinary super stars that she's teamed with to create a broad line of specialty products. 

Sweet Rose Creamery

When the Zoe Nathan & Josh Loeb, the dynamic team behind Rustic Canyon Family of Restaurants, launched Sweet Rose Creamery with Shiho Yoshikawa in 2010, they changed the landscape of the L.A. ice cream scene. Using the best ingredients, including organic milk and cream from Clover Farms, and fresh ingredients from the best Farmers' Markets in the country, the result is fresh, nuance, and delicious. We were grateful to be able to collaborate with them on a line of chocolate bars, interpreting a few of their most popular flavors into something a little (A LITTLE!) less melty.

Simone LeBlanc

In 2017, we became the exclusive chocolatier for Simone LeBlanc's incredible gift baskets. In addition to our own line, we also offered a co-branded line that includes the Daybreak and Moonrise Bars, along with Hot Chocolate.

Clare V.

Longtime mutual fans, Clare and Valerie are currently working on a set of chocolate bars that will launch for Valentine's Day 2018 - stay tuned!

One Fine Stay

One Fine Stay is to Airbnb as Private Jets are to Business Class - it's a whole other level of comfort and service. We collaborated on a set of chocolate bars that are a part of the VIP welcome baskets for their California clients.

The Larder

Collaborating with Suzanne Goin, one of the country's best chefs, resulted in a distinctly Californian chocolate bar. Local fruits and nuts are the stars here, as is fitting for a Chef so linked to the farm-to-table movement, at the heart of California Cuisine. The Larder Bar is available at all three Larder locations.


We always loved collaborating on events with Paige Appel and Kelly Harris when they were proprietors of Bash, Please, the acclaimed event planning business they co-founded. So, it was a natural fit to work with them on a signature chocolate bar when they opened their lifestyle boutique, Midland. Reflecting influences from the Southwest U.S., Mexico, and Japan, Valerie developed The Rustler Chocolate Bar, with smoky tobacco notes derived from Lapsang Souchong tea and hickory smoked salt. 

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