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Happy Hour Truffle Box

6 total reviews

Delicious truffles infused with spirits. Flavors include Scotch Truffles, Champagne Truffles, and Mezcal Caramel with Caramel Ganache.

9 pieces per box

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ozzie A.
They were a gift!

I’ve been a huge fan of Valerie for years! I’ve used to visit your previous facility when I lived in LA! Valerie Rocks! Ty


Received the happy hour truffles as a birthday gift with a jar of jam and hot chocolate. Love the little truffles smooth caramel filling with a hint of happy hour. Chocolate is velvety and absolutely delicious! Extra special to ring in the next decade!

raetta I.
Birthday Gift

O purchased it for my son in-laws birthday, but due to the fact he had given up chocolate fot Lent he can not enjoy them until after Easter.

Loretta H.
Disappointed, tiny box of candy

The only thing special is the expensive cost of this ordinary chocolate candy.

Drew P.
Valerie Chocolates and Petits Fours are the best!

I loved the Happy Hour Truffle Box. Overall Valerie Chocolates are amazing. My favorite is Chili with Chocolate. Valerie's Petits Fours are unlike any Petits Fours I have ever had. They consist of Moist, Rich Cake with Filling which are then Dipped in Chocolate. The Chocolate, Rose, Lavender and Champagne versions are my go-to whenever I need a good cake fix. We are lucky to have such an extraordinary Chocolatier and Bakery in our city. Bravo Valerie!