Baby Grand Assortment

Our best-selling assortment was named one of the best boxes of chocolate in the country and a “master class in simplicity” by Wirecutter from the New York Times in February 2023. The Baby Grand offers a selection of our most popular toffees, truffles, and caramels all enrobed in bittersweet chocolate: Almond Fleur De Sel Toffee, Almond Toffee, Mint Toffee, Black Pepper Truffles, Scotch Truffles, Liquid Caramel Bonbons, and 72% Bonbons.

In the review, Wirecutter said, “What makes [the chocolates] so precisely how dialed in the technique is: from the flawless, satiny coatings of the dipped chocolates to the sharp snap of the toffees (which offer an epiphany of what the candy should be).”

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