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Black Sesame Toffee, 6 Piece Box

3 total reviews

Our latest toffee is loaded with black sesame seeds, enrobed in bittersweet chocolate, and finished with a sprinkling of more sesame seeds and soy salt. With a delicate crunch and intense nutty flavor, our Black Sesame Toffee is an elegant and unique take on a classic confection.

Available in our signature ivory box, and tied with a black satin ribbon.

6 pieces per box

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Valerie B.
Delicious and good quality

Delicious! Someone gave us a box of “other brand” chocolates for Christmas and I had bought us an assortment of Valerie’s and the difference in quality between the two chocolatiers was crazy. Valerie’s far outshone the other box which I ended up tossing.

Margaret H.

These are some of the best toffees I have ever tasted! You can taste the high quality.

Sesame for me !!!!

Wow! These were delicious! I was at an event where several of Valerie chocolates were served. I didn’t realize the toffee I chose to try was black sesame . What a wonderful surprise. I loved it . I need to come in and get a box . My new favorite 😍